Urban Design Panel (UDP) May 3 (Wed): 2075 W12th, 2176 Alexandra, 1296 W Broadway, 855 Kingsway

Urban Design Panel (UDP) meets on Wednesday, May 3, 2017, starting at 3 pm. [To their credit, this time the agenda is already posted online 3 business days before the meeting. CityHallWatch alerted City officials that for the last meeting (April 19) the agenda (including some major items such as a tower with FSR of 25.5) was made public just 60 minutes before the meeting.]

On the agenda:

  • 2075 W 12th Avenue (6-storey residential building with 48 “secured market rental” units (Rental 100) (location is just off Arbutus)
  • 4176 Alexandra (York House School) (long-term master plan for existing school to accommodate 90-student increase (15%) by increasing FSR from 0.85 to 1.78)
  • 1296 W Broadway (16-storey mixed-use building; commercial at grade, residential above (153 “secured market rental” units (Rental 100), 7.07 FSR, height 48 m (159 ft.)) (location is at Broadway and Birch) (Current site of Denny’s Restaurant)
  • 855 Kingsway (6-storey mixed-use building with commercial at grade and residential above (49 “secured market rental” units), 3.3 FSR, height 21 m (68.9 ft.)) (location is 2 blocks southeast of Fraser, a car dealership)

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