Housing group releases HALT Report Card on Housing Platforms for BC Provincial Election

HALT_Vancouver housing policy report card April 2017

HALT Vancouver’s report card summarizing their rating of parties’ housing policy platforms

Housing Action for Local Taxpayers (HALT) on April 26 issued a report card on the housing policy platforms of the major parties in the 2017 BC provincial election. Above is their report card, and below we provide their conclusion and introduction.

As you can see from the table, their main criteria are (1) tax policy on homes that favours local tax payers and income earners, (2) protection of renters and honest landlords, (3) corporate donations from condo developers, (4) Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, (5) money laundering and fraud, (5) tax evasion, (6) support for affordable social housing and people on welfare, (7) protection of existing affordable rental supply and building of new meaningful supply, (8) historical performance on housing affordability, and (9) empathy for citizens with housing troubles.

Please visit the HALT Facebook page for the full text. (If you are not a Facebook user, just click “Not now” if you get a screen asking you to sign up.)


If housing is important to you, you’ve got to do everything you can to ensure the BC Liberal Party candidate in your riding does not win. This housing crisis only gets worse with another BC Liberal government after May 9th. Both the BC Greens and NDP have put together solid housing plans, and we could get behind either one, but the NDP pulls ahead ever so slightly on the strength of their tax evasion policy and Dave Eby’s advocacy. We hope you found this helpful.


Housing undoubtedly is going to be one of the most hotly discussed topics when it comes to the provincial election on May 9th. To save you the effort, we’ve gone over each party’s housing platform, looked at each party’s prior history of acting on the housing crisis and given them a grade for each of the key issues we felt need to be addressed.


  • The BC Liberals get an “F” for not only for having the weakest housing platform, but also for their complete lack of empathy for those priced out, sitting idle despite repeated concerns being raised by citizens and doing things to exacerbate the housing crisis rather than fixing it.
  • The BC Greens put forth the most aggressive proposal to curb speculation and a very compassionate plan that would preserve existing affordable social housing, but some gaps in their platform with regard to closing loopholes left us with questions that dropped their score to a “B+”
  • The NDP came forward with the most balanced and comprehensive plan, tackling speculation, loopholes, speaking specifically to money laundering and tax evasion in their platform. David Eby has been one of the province’s strongest advocate for housing reform. The NDP came away with an A- overall.

More info on HALT Vancouver

Housing Action for Local Taxpayers (HALT) is a non-partisan community action group demanding that all levels of Canadian government address our current foreign money-fuelled housing crisis.

Website: https://haltvancouver.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HALTVancouver/
Twitter: @HALT_YVR

Youtube interview with one of the organizers, Justin Fung: https://t.co/5MrYgcqchR

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