New online map displays all development and rezoning applications in Vancouver

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We have received a tip from a technically talented citizen who has created this brilliant map using Google Maps.

The slideshow above alternates between all development and rezoning applications in the city of Vancouver listed on the City’s own website (developments, rezonings). It is updated every few days.

Vancouver Rezoning Applications aerial NO labels 16-Apr-2017Switch between development and rezoning applications (indicated in title at top centre) by clicking the link in the lower right hand corner. Click on each pin on the screen to be redirected to the city’s official webpage with details for each application.

Click the link below to go to the maps.

The maps are really interesting as they show visually where the action is, rather than Vancouver Rezoning Applications aerial Cambie Corridor 16-Apr-2017just in a list of addresses. For example, one can see a steady line of rezonings on the Cambie Corridor (pictured on right) following the Canada Line, making it clear that a lot of construction comes with transit lines.

CityHallWatch has published a “snapshot” in the form of a list of the development and rezoning applications on the first day of every month since 2013. For past postings search for “snapshot” on our top page.

These new maps will certainly be helpful for many users, including citizens and neighbourhood groups that want to keep an eye on developments in their own communities that will affect them.

It is likely that the planning department at City of Vancouver has its own map that shows the same information, but to our knowledge no such service has been provided to the public.


  1. If a pin has a question mark, it means that the location of the address is uncertain, so it might be in the wrong spot.
  2. On the maps, P indicates “proposed,” A is “approved,” E is “enacted,” and H is “heritage,” M is a development application for a “marijuana” dispensary.
  3. You change the views to display a map or aerial photo, and to show or hide labels. See the top left options on your screen.

We are receiving some interesting feedback and ideas:

  • Time lapse would be interesting.
  • Would be interesting to have another layer or map that shows land pricing before and after an approval, and housing costs and rents before and after. Maybe it could be a research project for university student(s).
  • A time lapse of increasing costs / rents would certainly show results of City Hall land use decisions. Pre-sale price and the move in prices.

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