Corporate & union donations: New online app helps B.C. voters reach politicians to demand ban

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Corporate and union donations: New online app helps B.C. voters reach politicians to demand ban

April 13, 2017

(Vancouver) For the B.C. Provincial election set for May 9, 2017 a group of citizens has launched an online app called “” to help voters make phone calls to politicians with a clear message that the caller wants a ban on corporate and union donations, and a cap on individual donations.

The media coverage of cash for access, enormous sums, and special interest donations has been extensive. The influence of donor dollars is drowning out the voices of voters. Limits on individual donations and a ban on corporate, union and foreign contributions are common in many provinces and at the federal level, but not in British Columbia.

Political science researchers have determined that old-fashioned phone calls are actually more effective at influencing politicians than emails or social media. is an app that makes it easy for people to call candidates by phone. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter postal code, and the app provides the names and phone numbers of the candidates to call.
  • Read the short script, calling for a ban on corporate and union donations, and for a cap on donations by individuals.
  • Click to spread the word on social media, so more people will join the #Call4Change.

Typically a person can get this done in 5 minutes or less with Call4Change.

Twitter: @Call4ChangeBC
Hashtag: #Call4Change

ABOUT Call4Change: This is a non-partisan initiative. It is created and supported by a grassroots group of volunteer Canadian citizens living in British Columbia. No political party, corporation, union, or foreign influence is involved. Our shared mission is to halt the corrupting influence of money in politics and help level the playing field. The initial Call4Change concept is by Tomoko Kawaguchi, with support by Alan Albert and Randy Helten. Interviews can be arranged upon request.




Cold call campaign pushes for end to cash for access fundraising (by John Ackermann, News1130, Apr 16, 2017)

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