PRESS RELEASE: Rally 3 pm to protest Centerm Container Pier expansion, dangerous chemicals, ahead of 2-year anniversary

How Many Ships Does It Take to Poison Our Air?

PRESS RELEASE: Ahead of 2-year anniversary of major chemical accident
From: Crab-Water for Life Society, 2-Mar-2017

Rally Today March 2nd 2017 3:00 pm at Japanese Hall, 487 Alexander Street (Downtown Eastside)

This rally is a protest to express concerns about the Centerm Container Pier expansion near the foot of Main Street which is in full view and close proximity to Crab Park at Portside.

Crab-Water for Life Society has been involved with the central waterfront for 35 years, and especially the creation of Crab Park at Portside. Our Society has an established history of stewardship, and engagement with issues that affect the DTES.

We have consistently raised at the Federal and Municipal level the issue of dangerous chemicals by container, truck and rail car.

*This dangerous cargo traffic needs to be permanently removed from the Central and Vancouver East waterfront.  The old DOT-111 rail cars that carry the dangerous cargo are outdated and inadequate to safely carry such cargo.

We are approaching the two year anniversary March 4th 2015, of a chlorine compound Centerm container fire, and that incident sent 12 Eastside people to hospital, and put the DTES under threat.

Neither the Federal Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, and the Federal Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, are doing anything to protect the lives of Vancouver East and Central Waterfront residents, workers and park users from these dangerous chemicals.

Don Larson, President,
Crab-Water for Life Society

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