Crab Park Vigil for DTES Missing Women, Feb 14


Notice received from  Don Larson, Brenda Arrance, Elliott McLaughlin
(Crab-Water for Life Society)

Annual Honor Our Women Vigil
takes place at the Memorial Boulder at Crab Park at Portside beside
the Pacific Ocean. Some people say that Crab Park itself is sacred space
at the foot of Main Street.

Bring drum. Bring Prayer. Bring Sacred Silence.

The time this Tuesday, February 14th at 11:00 AM and it will be
a small personal vigil that we have been doing for many years.

Please feel free to circulate the poster.

*This sacred space is currently under threat from Centerm Container Port Expansion.*

[Search for “Centerm” on for previous coverage.]


2 thoughts on “Crab Park Vigil for DTES Missing Women, Feb 14

  1. Thanks for posting this very important event on your website.
    Many others were held across Canada to remember missing and murdered Indigenous Women and Girls but you would never know it watching our local Global, CITY or CTV stations.

    Good thing we have APTN and CBC to tell the non-White stories important to so many Canadians.

    It would be very informative if someone who attended the vigil could list which current members of Vancouver City Council ( including the Mayor ) COV managers, Vancouver Park Board Commissioners and VPB managers attended the memorial in solidarity and respect.

    After all, the COV and VPB acknowledge that Vancouver squats on unceded First Nations Territory yet when they bought the Arbutus Corridor from CP Rail for 55 million, and counting, they kept the land for themselves with the sole intention to buy votes from the creme de la creme, many of whom are their friends and neighbours.

    Why not just give it back to the rightful owners, the First Nations, who had the land stolen from them by the City of Vancouver, the Canadian Pacific Railway and John A MacDonald, a leading Racist of the day?

  2. Like many I’m strongly opposed to the Centerm Container expansion and I would like to thank CityHall Watch for keeping us updated on the project which if it goes ahead will have massive negative impacts on not just the Crab Park area but a huge swath of the Eastside of Vancouver and it’s Residents as the result of sharp increases in rail traffic, noise and pollution.
    Let’s not forget that it was the COV that applied for Federal funding to offset the cost of the Powell Street overpass whose main purpose is ensure a 40% boost in container traffic volume and longer trains 24/7 no matter what the cargo is….. dangerous goods, weapons of war like small arms, LAVS, or jet engines and other components that can be easily used across multiple platforms.
    The COV led project went millions over budget and routinely floods in the rebuilt roadway.

    While the COV and VPB shamelessly turned removing rails along the Arbutus Corridor into a photo-op their combined silence on the container port expansion highlights their hypocrisy. This isn’t the first time the COV and VPB have sold out the Eastside when it comes to the loss of greenspace or views.
    Next in their sights is removing land from Strathcona Park for the Malkin Street widening which will include another large overpass.

    Once again, so much for the myth of an independent Park Board.

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