Arbutus Village redevelopment about to begin (Naoibh O’Connor, Vancouver Courier 12-Jan-017)


Location of Arbutus Village development site. Credit Google Maps

The Vancouver Courier and Business in Vancouver recently carried this article on a major development along Arbutus Street. We provide excerpts below. Please visit the website for the full article. For additional info from the community perspective visit the Arbutus Ridge Community Association. Liaison Councillors for the area are Heather Deal and Melissa De Genova.

Arbutus Village redevelopment about to begin
By Naoibh O’Connor/Vancouver Courier (and BIV), Jan. 12, 2017

  • The upcoming redevelopment of Arbutus Village means neighbouring residents will be without a full-scale Safeway for about two years. Sobeys Inc., which owns Safeway, is downsizing the store during construction. The Safeway store closes Jan. 19, although the pharmacy will remain open throughout construction.
  • The project by Larco Investments Ltd. has been in the works for years. City council approved zoning to allow for a mixed-use development on the seven-acre site back in July of 2011. [CityHallWatch note – On July 13, 2011, City Council referred discussion and decision regarding the rezoning at 4255 Arbutus Street (Arbutus Centre) to Regular Council Meeting  July 14, 2011. Public Hearing agenda, video, documents here. Council meeting agenda, video, documents here.]
  • The overall project will feature 500 residential units, some of which will be affordable housing units managed by the City of Vancouver, office space, a grocery and liquor store and green space

  • Phase one involves what has been dubbed blocks A and B. Block A will include 100 units of dedicated rental housing to the City of Vancouver — 50 senior and 50 family units, 115 market rental units, as well as the Safeway and a restaurant, which have a total of 54,400 square feet of space. There will also be office space accounting for 15,200 square feet.
  • Block B will feature 170 market rental units and retail space covering 34,780 square feet, which will house the Bank of Montreal, a liquor store and Dance Co.
  • Blocks C and D will include 115 residential units, although it’s not yet determined if they will be market rental or condominiums. … As Larco fine tunes the project, blocks C and D could change slightly, but the number of residential units will stay the same.
  • Art Phillips [CHW note – NOT the former mayor of Vancouver], Larco’s director of development, told the Courier before Christmas that some changes have already been made to the existing mall, which will allow the Bank of Montreal to relocate into the existing Safeway space.
  • … Excavation is expected to begin adjacent to Arbutus sometime in March or early April.The first phase will take 26 months from when the backhoe hits the ground, according to Phillips.
  • Construction work on blocks C and D, which are on the west half of the site (west of the Yew Street extension) will start after the first phase is completed…
  • Meantime, the developer will be going back to the community sometime in February with regards to the development permit for block B. There will be a model and renderings of block A and B combined at that time.

REFERENCES, selected by CityHallWatch

City of Vancouver info pages on the neighbourhood of Arbutus Ridge, including census data and the Abutus Ridge-Kerrisdale-Shaughnessy Community Vision Plan:

Arbutus Ridge Community Association

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