Heads up on Urban Design Panel, Jan 11 (Wed) 3 pm: 5733 Alberta, 105 Keefer, 1550 Alberni, sign bylaw

One of the first civic meetings of 2017 is the Urban Design Panel, on some important applications. See agenda here. For convenience, we provide the agenda below.

1. 3:15 pm Address: 5733 Alberta Street & 376–392 W 41st Avenue
Permit No.: RZ-2016-00029
Description: The proposal is for a 6-storey residential building comprised of 54 market dwelling units over 2 levels of underground parking (including 62 vehicle spaces and 84 bicycle spaces), with a maximum building height of 21.0 m (69 ft.) from grade and a floor space ratio (FSR) of 2.63. This application is being considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan.
Zoning: RS-1 to CD-1
Application Status: Rezoning Application
Review: First
Architect: GBL Architects (Daniel Eisenberg)
Staff: Zachary Bennett & Sailen Black

2. 4:15 pm Address: 105 Keefer Street & 544 Columbia Street
Permit No.: N/A
Description: The revised proposal is for a 12-storey mixed-use building that includes 110 market residential units, 25 seniors social housing units on the second floor, which will be operated by a non-profit housing provider, commercial space on the ground floor (including a dedicated seniors’ cultural space), a floor space ratio (FSR) of 7.04, two levels of underground parking, and a height of 35.1 m (115 ft.)
Zoning: HA-1A to CD-1
Application Status: Rezoning Application
Review: Third
Architect: Merrick Architecture (Gregory Borowski)
Staff: Yan Zeng & Paul Cheng

3. 5:15 pm Address: 1550 Alberni Street
Permit No. DP-2016-00640
Description: To develop a 43-storey mixed-use building with commercial units at grade and residential above (including 191 market dwelling units) all over 8 levels of underground parking accessed from the lane.
Zoning: CD-1 Pending
Application Status: Complete Development Application
Review: Second (First at DP)
Architect: Merrick Architecture (Gregory Borowski)
Staff: Patrick O’Sullivan

4. 6:15 pm Address: Sign By-Law Review
Permit No. N/A
Description: Staff with the City-Wide & Regional Planning Division are currently updating the Sign By-law to reflect best practices, introduce new types of signs, help ensure good signage, and make it easier for businesses and stakeholders to understand and work within the rules of the by-law. Regulations for signage support businesses, set standards, protect the character of an area, and enhance the look and feel of the neighborhoods. Staff will provide a presentation of the proposed changes to the By-law followed by a discussion. Please see the Sign By-law Review webpage (http://vancouver.ca/your-government/sign-bylawupdate.aspx)
for more background information.
Zoning: N/A
Application Status: Informational Presentation
Review: First
Architect: N/A
Staff: Heather Burpee, Helen Popple, Ann McLean, Anita Molaro

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