Open House Dec 13 (Tues): Seaside Greenway on Point Grey Road, Phase 2, sidewalk expansion, etc.


Credit: City of Vancouver

Open House
“Final” design for Phase 2 of the Seaside Greenway sidewalk expansion on Point Grey Road
Tuesday, December 13, 2016
4.30 – 6.30pm
Aberthau Manor (4397 West 2nd Avenue)

“If you’d like to meet the project team in person and learn more about upcoming construction, please join us at a drop in construction information open house.”

Cost to the taxpayers for Phase 2 is $6.2 million, after Phase 1 cost $6 million, totaling $12.2 million (see News 1130 story here.)

Budget allocation and timing of projects is an important public matter.

CityHallWatch notes that the public consultation process on the City’s 2017 Capital and Operating budgets has ended, with the final Council vote to be held on this same day as this open house, December 13. The City’s proposed $1.32-billion operating expenses in 2017 depend on a 3.4% increase in property taxes and a 1.2% increase in various fees. The City is seeking a last-minute additional 0.5% increase in property taxes to raise an additional $3.5 million for unspecified expenditures to address the current fentanyl drug crisis. Councillor Geoff Meggs is the point person on the City budget. (See “Daphne Bramham: Seriously? A property tax increase to deal with the fentanyl crisis,” Vancouver Sun, 8-Dec-2016)

Regarding fund allocation, concerned citizens may wish to communicate with Councillor Meggs and all of City Council before the Tuesday morning meeting.


For ongoing updates on construction activities for Point Grey – Seaside Greenway Phase 2 (Point Grey Road between Tatlow Park and Alma, and along Alma to 4th Ave), click to join the City’s Phase 2 email list.

From City website:


Upgrades to complete the final stretch of the Seaside Greenway are now underway. In this phase, we will improve walking conditions, enhance the public realm, expand green space, and improve connections to waterfront parks along Point Grey Road. We will also coordinate construction with sewer and water main upgrades.
This work will complete a critical 2 km gap in the Seaside Greenway, while improving safety by reducing potential conflicts between people exiting their driveways and people walking along the Seaside Greenway.

The City is working to complete the 28 km Seaside Greenway, which starts at Vancouver Convention Centre and ends at Spanish Banks Park. Improved walking conditions and connections will be made between Tatlow Park and Jericho Beach. Safety enhancements will be made to reduce potential conflicts between people walking and people existing their driveways. Work is being coordinated with necessary water and sewer upgrades.

Project information & newsletter sign-up:
TransLink updates:
Email: pointgrey.cornwall@vancouver.c a

3 thoughts on “Open House Dec 13 (Tues): Seaside Greenway on Point Grey Road, Phase 2, sidewalk expansion, etc.

  1. Twelve million plus dollar vanity project for the mayor. Meanwhile, Counsellor Meggs runs the city’s budget despite the fact that he, personally, has zero personal assets listed on his annual disclaimer. Hmm

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