“Make affordable housing a priority”: COPE rally at City Hall, Sept 16 (Fri) 4 pm

cope-make-affordable-housing-priority-16-sep-2016-rallyVancouver City Council has not yet resumed after the summer hiatus, but things are heating up. The Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) is planning a rally at City Hall. (Note that HALT also has a rally on housing the next day, Sept. 17 starting 2 pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery.) Text below is from the Sept 16 event’s Facebook page.
Friday, September 16 at 4 PM – 6 PM
Vancouver City Hall

Make affordable housing a priority, rather than a mere election item!

Join us in a rallying to demand the City of Vancouver take immediate steps to regulate the housing market.

We have an affordable housing crisis precipitated by an artificially-inflated real estate market: while 50% of us rent, only about 3% of our housing is designated ‘social’. Other cities in the world such as Stockholm or Vienna, have anywhere from 30-80% social housing, owned and maintained by the municipality.

We are calling for:

– Investment in civic owned co-ops and social housing projects to provide affordable housing in Vancouver.

– Implementation of zoning for rent-controls and a vacant property tax.

– That the City crackdown and enforce the laws and by-laws already in place since 1956 to force landlords and slumlord owners of rental properties and SROs to adhere to the minimum health standards that are currently law.

We ask that the City take immediate action to meaningfully engage with neighbourhoods and communities to help find solutions, this is only useful if the city actually listens to and seeks community–based solutions, otherwise such inclusion is nothing more than a facade.

Speakers TBA:

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