Save Britannia School

Of note – This coming Thursday (Sept. 8, 2016), an activist group seeking to protect Britannia Secondary is holding a public meeting to discuss the issue. Location: former Astorino’s (northwest corner of Venables and Commercial) from 6 to 8 pm. Everyone welcome!

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

Britannia Secondary School has been an important part of the Grandview landscape for well over a hundred years. Now, it is on a list of schools that could potentially be shuttered because the BC Liberals refuse to fund education for the people (as opposed to their extravagant funding of private schools).  In addition, as many will know, the entire Britannia Community Services complex is up for renewal and that must affect the school’s future.


Britannia School is one of those “invisible” markers showing the socio-economic changes affecting our neighbourhood.  Rightly or wrong, Britannia has a reputation as a rough (i.e. “working class”) school and, regardless of the community’s needs, many of the people who have moved into Grandview during this current gentrification era refuse to send their children to the school, preferring to bus them out. They are encouraged by the privatize-at-all-costs Fraser Institute (the American Koch Brothers own “think”…

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