Crab – Water for Life Society asks Port Metro Vancouver to cease plans for Centerm pier expansion

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We share below a copy of a letter received from Crab – Water for Life Society, asking Port Metro Vancouver to cease it plans for port expansion at the downtown terminal.

This is timed with an official announcement posted on the Port Metro Vancouver website about a new report being issued and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority hosting three public information sessions on the proposed Centerm Expansion Project, as follows:

Tuesday, August 16, 2-4 pm
The Uncommon Café, 477 Powell Street

Thursday, August 18, 2:30 – 4:30 pm
Railtown Café, 397 Railway Street

Saturday, August 20, 2 – 4 pm
Railtown Café, 397 Railway Street

Crab Park

Crab Park

Excerpt of letter from the Society to Port Metro Vancouver

August 15, 2016

Attention: Port Metro Vancouver
To: Robin Silvester
Tanya Howes
Marc Garneau, MP

We take note [that you, the Port, more or less acknowledge] the failure of your first attempt at dealing with the citizens and residents of the DTES. You are making a second attempt to connect to the residents with three coffee talks/meetings to discuss the Centerm Expansion, with short notice and in the dog days of summer.

I am requesting on behalf of Crab-Water for Life Society, which has been active on the Central Waterfront of Vancouver since June 1982, that the Port of Vancouver and the Federal Government, cease their plans to build a seven acre land fill pier extension with DP World, 1,000 meters in front of Crab Park at Portside.

I note in a Canadian Press article [July 26 Metro News] that the Minister of Transport Marc Garneau states that the DOT – 111 Rail cars will continue to be used to transport a wide variety of dangerous chemicals alongside our heavily populated central waterfront community.

We know that the proposed Centerm Expansion involves a 66 percent increase in container volume. How much of this increased traffic will be containers and rail cars holding dangerous chemicals?

My past education on this topic, indicates that a rail car explosion could cause a fireball of three city blocks and, according to a former city manager, there would be “heavy impact” for a radius of one mile. So beyond the significant loss of world class views from Crab Park and the negative impacts on the marine life and water quality in front of our park, your government bodies have not addressed the possible threat to life from an industrial accident.

Don Larson,
Crab-Water for Life Society,
34 years of Service to the DTES


Port Metro Vancouver says an Engagement Summary and Consideration Report detailing preliminary consultation activities, and how it responded to January and February 2016 consultation, is now available on the Centerm Expansion Project website.

More information: or email


Background and previous CityHallWatch coverage of efforts of the Crab – Water for Life Society to protect Crab Park on the waterfront:

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One thought on “Crab – Water for Life Society asks Port Metro Vancouver to cease plans for Centerm pier expansion

  1. Hold on–the proposed infill would NOT be 1000 meters from the park. That would be a full kilometre away and put it out near the middle of Burrard Inlet. I’m afraid it’s far, far closer as the container terminal is planning to expand its current western boundary farther westward (toward downtown) and northward (toward the park). Best way to get a handle on this is to go to the park and look at the current terminal, then imagine infill, gantries and piled containers in those directions for an area the size of the park.

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