Vancouver street parking permit fees range $38 to $76 per year, by zone

CoV Vancouver parking fees, by zone, 2016There is a fair amount of discussion and outrage about the City’s proposal to raise parking fees in the West End by over 600%. Consultation is ongoing this summer. (

Note that most zones in Vancouver are at $38.18, while only Robson Street and the West End are currently at the highest rate of $76.37.

Just to ensure that people have the facts on the annual parking fees across Vancouver, we provide the fees for all of Vancouver here, for the record.

The parking permits are only valid in the permit parking area assigned. “For example, you cannot use a West End parking permit to park in the South Granville resident permit zone.”

Columnist/developer Michael Geller is advocating for the City raise parking fees across the City:

However, the public would likely have many concerns about how the money is being spent.

Parking Fees in Vancouver, 2016

Zone and detailed map Annual fee
Boundary $38.18
Broadway Station $38.18
Cambie Village $38.18
Commercial Drive $38.18
Guelph $38.18
Industrial $38.18
Joyce Station $38.18
King Edward Campus $38.18
Kitsilano North $38.18
Kitsilano South $38.18
Kitsilano Point $38.18
Macdonald $38.18
Marine Drive $38.18
Mount Pleasant $38.18
Oakridge $38.18
PNE $38.18
South Granville $38.18
Strathcona $38.18
Vancouver Resident Permit Parking (block-specific zones) $38.18
Fairview Slopes $56.37
Oak West $56.37
VGH $56.37
Robson North $76.37
West End $76.37


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