Council meetings, Public Hearings in YOUR neighbourhood? Motion by Green Clr Adriane Carr

Councillor Adriane CarrToday, City Council is set to hear a motion by Green Councillor Adriane Carr asking City staff to investigate the idea of bringing our elected officials INTO our neighbourhoods for Council meetings, and possibly on evenings and weekends.

(Citizens often comment that they find it hard to make it out to City Hall for long waits before speaking, and especially for daytime council meetings.)

It also proposes a process whereby citizens or public delegations can address City Council formally on a topic of their own concern. (This differs from the current system in which City Hall sets all the topics on its agendas.)

If speakers indicate they wish to address Council on this motion (write the coordinator), it might be set for presentation and discussion tomorrow, June 29.

See story in 24 Hours Vancouver (Eric MacKenzie, 27-June-2016): Vancouver council venue called a ‘barrier’

Text of the motion follows.


9. Increasing Public Participation at Council Meetings
MOVER: Councillor Adriane Carr

1. The City of Vancouver has committed in its Engaged City Strategy to increase public participation, build trust and “bring City Hall to the community”; and
2. Many citizens have written to Council complaining that the timing, location and format of Council meetings are barriers to their participation and engagement.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT City Council direct staff to investigate and report back on the pros and cons and possible criteria for:
A. Holding a Council meeting, or a part of a Council meeting, during the evening or on weekends to better enable public participation;
B. Holding a Council meeting, or a community consultation by Mayor and Council, in a neighbourhood location; and
C. Enabling a process for individual members of the public and public delegations to present information to Mayor and Council on subjects of concern to them.

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