Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency – Open House June 29 (Wed) re 3 affordable housing developments, East Fraserlands

VAHA open house 29-June-2016 River DistrictThis notice is being circulated in the Riverlands area.

Pre-application Open House by Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA)
June 29, 2016, from 5 to 8 pm
River District Centre (8683 Kerr Street)
The proposal is for three 6-storey buildings.
Note that we are not aware of this event having been posted online, but here is VAHA’s web page on the City website:

Interestingly, VAHA goes so far as to say “This is not a City of Vancouver event.” But according to the City website, VAHA is “is a City-controlled, but legally separate, entity created to implement the recommendations from the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability.” The separation is very blurred, but this poster seems to want to draw a line.

It is not clear from the notice where two parcels in question (5A, and 8A) are located, so further research is required, as it is probably buried in City documents. Parcel 3 was a potential site for daycare. There seems to be some connection between what VAHA is doing now, and the proposed filling in of a playing field in the West Fraserlands, which goes to Council for final decision on June 28. Below is a map previously circulated by the City, though it does not show all the parcels in question.

Map of East and West Fraserlands, around Kerr St


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