Joyce Area Plan towers have no stated density limit. Out of scale with other towers in area.

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The City of Vancouver’s Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Plan includes a number of towers that do not have any set upper limits on density. We’ve included massing renderings of the three tallest tower sites identified in the plan in the slideshow above. Two of the images in the slideshow are from page 38 of the City’s draft policy plan document; these images illustrate that the proposed towers are out of scale with the existing towers in the immediate area. The staff report on this Plan went to Council on June 14, and speakers have their chance to address Council this evening of June 15.

Does the absence of any limit on density leave too much open for horse-trading with politicians, and create too much uncertainty for the public?

Joyce building massing height
Additional towers proposed around the Joyce-Collingwood Station would be out of scale with the existing towers in the area. City staff want to use the height above sea level for the three Wall Financial towers on Boudary Road (that are on higher ground) as a precedent for the tall towers proposed around Joyce and Vanness. The staff report has no density limit and it also neglects to mention the density of Wall’s Boundary Road towers: 5.5 FSR. A compact floor height could result in towers of 34 or 35 storeys in height with a Floor Space Ratio in excess of 18.
p.38 Joyce-Collingwood Precinct: 2016 Jun 14

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