Strong Opposition: Joyce Residents Take City Hall June 15

Joyce Area Residents Association

The Joyce Station Precinct Plan will go before City Council in just a few days (June 14 and June 15 9:30am at City Hall). At least 5 towers are proposed to go up right at the skytrain station. Around 179 Single Family Homes are also being targeted for zoning changes to allow for apartments and townhomes. These houses are multi-generational, multi-family and often immigrant and low income. 46% of our neighbours are renters. 73% of our neighbourhood is ESL.  Rapid development and gentrification has the ability to displace many of these families, renters and small businesses.


Residents are spending every hour until then to reach all of their fellow neighbours who still have concerns about the plans.

Over the next few days, we will be tabling around Joyce Skytrain Station. (You can come find us today, June 12 in the afternoon-evening.)

We still have many remaining concerns:

  • We want the…

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