Citizens gird for battle to save West Fraserlands park at Public Hearing June 21 (Tues)

Saveourpark-ca-1, West Fraserlands park postcardSaveourpark-ca-2, West Fraserlands park postcard

CityHallWatch preamble: Governments are elected to make decisions on trade-offs. Above is a card being circulated by the community in the West Fraserlands, along the Fraser River in Vancouver, asking City Council to leave a popular and cherished playing field as it is, saying there are other locations/options for building a childcare facility intended to serve another neighbourhood. Public hearing June 21, 2016.

Save Our Park website and petition:

Related coverage and links: “Riverfront Ruckus: River District residents want action on park” (CityHallWatch, 24-April-2016)

Text of card follows:

City Hall vowed to build four daycares in the new River District, but now,
they are reneging on that promise. Instead, they wish to build a daycare on West
Fraserlands’ only large, grass field and use the space previously allocated for
daycare for alternative purposes. They are not giving the community a new
amenity, but instead are taking one away – one that is widely used.
Destroying this park impacts everyone, especially the children (age 0 to 99) who
use it on a daily basis, and this is happening just as our area prepares for the
arrival of 16,000 new residents. We need to protect our park, because once it is
gone it cannot be replaced.
Please register to speak at the June 21st, 6 pm Public Hearing at city hall.
Registration begins June 10. Call 604-829-4238 or email to reserve your five-minute slot.
If you cannot attend, sign the petition at and email your concerns
Tell City Council how important our field is to our community.

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