Trudeau government should speak/act to oppose bridge that would facilitate LNG & fuel supertankers on Fraser River: Susan Jones writes PM


Massey replacement bridge image, little lies, MVW, 26-Apr-2016Susan Jones of Delta, British Columbia, has shared with MetroVanWatch this letter, which she sent on May 7, 2016 to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and key members of the federal Cabinet, as well as many Members of Parliament based in B.C. (see list at bottom). We have added some bold for the convenience of readers. If your views are similar to those of Ms. Jones, or you would like to add your voice to the dialogue with the federal government, you may wish to write them yourself too. You can find your MP using your postal code.


Federal Accountability to the new B.C. bridge facilitating LNG and fuel supertankers on the Fraser River

To the Government of Canada, a letter by Susan Jones, Delta, B.C., May 7, 2016

As you are aware, the Government of British Columbia plans to build the largest bridge ever built in B.C.  The BC…

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