Burrard Bridge bike traffic milestone 400,000 trips in 2016

Burrard Bridge 399658 bike trips 14-May-2016

399,658 trips shown just before 8 pm on May 14. 

Some time in the past 12 hours, the bike trip counter at the south end of the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver quietly passed the milestone of 400,000 when a cyclist rode past.

This photo was taken  just before 8 pm on Saturday, May 14. As of 9:30 this morning (May 15) the counter was over 400,700.

The counter is quickly approaching half a million bike trips, and we guess it could happen some time in the next 20 days or so. If you like to place bets with your friends, guess what date and time the half-millionth rider will pass the counter.

Note that the counter shows bike trips on both East and West sides of the Burrard Bridge.

(Our guess? 2:17 pm on Saturday, June 4.)

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