Did lobbyist Ransford ride the gravy train with $90,000 sole-source contract on transit referendum?

Bob RansfordWe have learned that development industry lobbyist Bob Ransford was the beneficiary of a sole-source contract administered by the City of Vancouver last year. Mr. Ransford billed for a total of $90,322 plus taxes for implementing a “communications strategy and plan for the transit referendum vote.” A sole-source contract means that an internal decision was made to use a selected contractor without going through a competitive bidding process for the use of public funds.

Here’s the full release from a freedom of information query with the City: Ransford_FOI.pdf

Bob Ransford is also a self-declared supporter of Vision Vancouver, and often featured with prime interviews and spots on development topics in the region. Is more public scrutiny needed for sole-source contracts? How can the public be assured that taxpayers’ money is not being used to reward political friends? Could the creation of a lobbyist registry at the municipal or regional level help to foster more public oversight?

Bob Ransford Vision 2014

Besides the above, we are interested in learning more about other dealings and connections that involve land use in the City.

  • His role on the Vancouver Parking Authority Board. (EasyPark is a City-owned entity).
  • Does he have any affiliation with Brenhill Developments, the proponent behind the highly-controversial tower rezoning on Emery Barnes Park?
  • What was the extent of his involvement with the Heather Place redevelopment project?

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