An Official Community Plan for Vancouver?

Vancouver skyline
QE Park View Vancouver skyline north shore

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

There is much talk these days among the twitterati about the “need” for an Official Community Plan (OCP) for Vancouver. It seems the main purpose of this is “to remove uncertainty” for the development industry. The fact that this will also remove the ability of community residents to protest unwanted development in any meaningful way is brushed aside or, even considered a value-add to an OCP.

There is often a failure in these discussions to see, or at least to acknowledge, that city building falls within a political/social envelope that is far more important than the daily work of planners and urbanists. But all these ideas are part of political systems and modes of thought, and that background needs to be recognised.

In discussions of politics, I have long ago rejected the so-called left-right continuum; for me, the important structural divide is between centralizers and de-centralizers: those who prefer a…

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