Crisis in the Greenest City: Collectivista seeks support/voting NOW for housing documentary. Vote til April 24.

CollectivistaCollectivista doc logo page is a new cooperative media project that uses filmmaking as a tool for building community, telling meaningful stories, and creating economic viability for its members. They have a great idea and need support.

Chanel Ly (DTES Chinese Seniors Outreach Worker) and Collectivista founder Eliot Galan are pitching “Crisis in the Greenest City,” their planned documentary, story to garner votes on the crowdfunding site. You can vote every day until Sunday, April 24. They also welcome donations and input.

SYNOPSIS: Vancouver’s housing crisis leads the headlines, but the media fails to tell the whole story. Crisis in the Greenest City flips the script on the dominant narrative surrounding the housing crisis. Engaging the community at large, and amplifying the voices of those underrepresented, Crisis in the Greenest City will cut through the white noise repeated ad nauseam in the headlines, giving a deeper understanding of the current situation.

Pitch video: (and click to vote in support)

Donate by PayPal (credit card OK): Click here or go to their website.

Share on social media with the hashtag #crisisfilm and the link http://tinyurl/crisisfilm

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