Preferred Design for new Park at Richards and Smithe revealed. Park Board survey open until May 3rd

Richards Smithe Park
The preferred design for a new 0.8 acre park for Richards and Smithe was unveiled at two recent Open Houses. Planning for this park has been in full gear since March of 2015. The site was acquired in 1997 and it is currently used by the Vancouver Parking Authority (EasyPark).

The preferred design incorporates an elevated walkway and makes use of the 5 metre difference in grade from one end of the site to the other. A large lower plaza is included that can be used for staged events or farmers’ markets; it will also double as a water feature. The proposal also includes a small coffee bar or food kiosk, a play area, sitting spaces, and rainwater management features.

An online survey is open until May 3rd. Further information on the new park at Richards and Smithe is available on the City’s website.

The design may have taken a little inspiration from Barcelona’s Parc del Clot. Note the elevated walkway and framing:
Parc del Clot, Barcelona
The park concept plan is reproduced below (the full details can be found on the Open House information panels):
Richards Smithe Park
Richards Smithe Park
Here’s an example of a water feature beside the Barcelona Sants railway station (Plaça dels Paisos Catalans):
Source: (photo on left)
Water feature as illustrated in Richards and Smithe Park preferred concept plan:
Richards Smithe Richards Smithe Park

One thought on “Preferred Design for new Park at Richards and Smithe revealed. Park Board survey open until May 3rd

  1. Just another example of the VPB building eyesore monuments to themselves instead of investing in addressing City-Wide needs.
    Elevated walkway to nowhere, perfect for spitting from or worse and there’s nothing like a dead-end to get mugged.
    While turning parking lots into greenspace is a good idea the Vancouver Park Board and the City of Vancouver have done quite the opposite in East Vancouver.

    Over in our Inner-City Neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant North the Vancouver Park Board and the City of Vancouver have on four separate times and locations turned greenspace into concrete and asphalt utilizing City Hall alchemy.

    First we have the 1979 behind closed doors deal to sell off of 4.15 acres of China Creek Park North along with other nbhd greenspace to create Vancouver Community College King Edward Campus with it’s multiple pay parking lots including 1 that covers an entire block.
    Part of the reason for this large sell-off off of a VPB/COV asset was because neither the Vancouver Park Board or the City of Vancouver wanted to invest any money to maintain the cycling track that was built at China Creek Park North for the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games or convert it back into open greenspace. They both allowed the track to deteriorate to the point of being unsafe.
    Monies from the sale were siphoned off to other nbhds and not 1 dollar was reinvested into what remains of China Creek Park North.

    For the record VCC KEC’s parking lots operate at about 30% capacity with the overwhelming majority of VCC staff and students preferring to park for free on our Inner-City streets courtesy of the City of Vancouver and it’s Greenest City Action Plan, Transportation 2040 and the U-Pass programme.

    The 1987 Community Plan for Mount Pleasant called for acquiring more greenspace yet the VPB/COV ignored the plan. A few years back the VPB leased 2010 Glen Drive to Urban-Rec to create urban-beach and the site was also used to store trees downed and removed from the Stanley Park windstorm. Instead of returning 2010 Glen Drive back into nbhd greenpspace it was fenced off, paved over and is now the VPD’s property storage site.
    Immediately West of the entrance to the Clark/VCC skytrain station land that what was promised to be a small park after station construction was instead paved over, fenced off and is leased to Shaw Cable to park their large fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

    In 2006 and again behind closed doors the VPB disposed of more Inner-City greenspace this time from China Creek Park South creating another parking lot in the process. The VPB then demanded that the skatepark at CCPS had to remain at what’s left of CCPS before there would be any park re-development, a Tony Soprano deal the VPB way.
    Currently the COV/VPB have the land East of the Clark/VCC skytrain station ( NE corner of Keith Drive and Great Northern Way) up for sale advertised as a prime development site ( yet more concrete and asphalt ) to defray the costs of buying the Arbutus Corridor to protect Westside millionaires from noisy trains.This comes after yet another Community Plan for Mount Pleasant called for acquiring more greenspace and amenities in Mount Pleasant North and the fact that the land for sale is part of the False Creek Flats and still undergoing a planning process.

    That’s 4 VPB/COV sites within 2 blocks of each other transformed from greenspace into concrete and asphalt with another one coming and each development has increased traffic volumes on the Off-Broadway and Windsor Bike-Routes and reduced access to Inner-City greenspace. The majority of painted bike-route markers have been completely eroded by vehicles.

    Mount Pleasant North is not paradise but thanks to the Vancouver Park Board and the City of Vancouver it’s been increasingly paved over.

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