Floating billboard redux. A sign of the times?

Floating billboards are back in False Cree. Photo credit: Fern Jeffries

Floating billboards are back in False Creek. Photo credit: Fern Jeffries

Earlier this year the public outcry against a floating billboard was swift and furious. A day after the floating billboards first appeared on False Creek on March 9th, the vessel was detained by Transport Canada (as reported by the CBC).

It appears that floating billboards in False Creek are back. Will the City of Vancouver or the federal government take any further action? Or will this be the norm? Will the fireworks show in the summer of 2016 come complete with floating billboards?

It’s worth noting that the City of Vancouver’s enforcement of sign bylaws has at times been lax and selective. The City has not acted to enforce bylaws against the illegal billboards at BC Place. It took 2 months for bylaw enforcement officers to remove an illegal sign at Commercial Drive and Broadway. A sign on a heritage sign at Granville and West Broadway was illegally replaced last year. A backlit billboard at Telus Garden was approved despite objections from neighbours (City Council must say “NO” to TELUS’ new giant screen application: Concerned residents insist, Feb 12, 2015, CityHallWatch). How will the City respond to floating billboards in False Creek?

False Creek sign

False Creek, March 9, 2016. Electronic sign on ship

Here’s a link to the original tweet about Vancouver’s latest floating billboard:

Here’s a comment we received via email: “Totally crass use of a public waterway that is essentially supposed to be non motorized boats east of Cambie Bridge. How sustainable is a prowling boat with a continuous electronic screen cruising from 7 am to 11 pm seven days a week ? We have sunk to a new low when we have to use the calm waters of FC to sell a product or a person.”

One thought on “Floating billboard redux. A sign of the times?

  1. We are really upset that both Transport Canada and the City of Vancouver has allowed this billboard to operate in our “green-branded city.”
    While the vessel was temporarily detained by Transport Canada, we started an online petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/735/503/965/ban-commercial-advertising-on-vancouver-waterways/
    However, many people lost interest because they thought the vessel had been permanently removed.
    The billboard has since been released and is operating again (this time on a barge, probably deemed more sea-worthy than its previous configuration), so we have initiated a paper petition to run alongside the online petition.
    Seattle had a similar issue in 2012 and they sunk this stupid commercial advertising scheme. We need to pressure the COV to do the same.

    As a resident of the West End, we see the number of festivals and advertising schemes rise and rise every year, from April through to November, it is constant. Everything is pushed into the West End…no doubt the City sees the area as a big revenue generator, but they are forgetting that it is both a neighbourhood and a community!

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