The Hubris of the City’s Silence

Commercial Drive Grandview
Jak King shares his observations over the lack of updates on the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan from City Planners.

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

Here in Grandview, we have suffered under the pretensions of a so-called Community Plan process for almost four years now. It started out with great fanfare and hope, but swiftly degenerated into a planner-led debacle. At one stage, the then Chief Planner Brian Jackson was forced to admit that the process had been an utter failure and had not served the best interests of the neighbourhood’s residents while our Mayor cried crocodile tears to ensure his re-election.

After this fiasco, the Planners and the politicians regrouped and came up with what proved to be the equally distasteful Citizens’ Assembly idea. However, after months and months of total immersion within the planners’ worldview, even the force-fed Assembly couldn’t come up with a plan that was acceptable to the Planners and their paymasters. To those who doubt me, you have to explain why, almost a year since the CA presented its report, its…

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One thought on “The Hubris of the City’s Silence

  1. This Robertson and Vision must not be re-elected the are incompetent and dysfunctional municipal politicians along with current staff

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