City-owned lot beside “EastVan” cross is for sale, even while planning process still underway.

East Van Cross City lot for sale

The City of Vancouver lot at East 6th Avenue and Clark Drive is for sale. The site is currently zoned as I-3 (Light Industrial) and assessed at $4,435,000. The “For Sale” sign clearly states that it is a “prime SkyTrain development site.” An open question is whether the site will be rezoned in the future. The I-3 zoning allows for up to 3 FSR.

A conditional use under current zoning is: General Office, but not including the offices of accountants, lawyers and notary publics, nor the offices of real estate, advertising, insurance, travel and ticket agencies.
Outright uses for the site include: General Office, but limited to Information Technology. There are also outright uses for Manufacturing including “Software Manufacturing” and “Printing and Publishing” (the full list is in the I-3 District Schedule). This site is located within the False Creek Flats Planning Area. Is it a good practice for the City to sell a parcel of land while a planning process is still underway?

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One thought on “City-owned lot beside “EastVan” cross is for sale, even while planning process still underway.

  1. I remember when this land was covered with big moving trucks that all said “two small men with big hearts” on them.

    You could say that the city should hold onto this parcel until it finishes the planning process, so that:

    1: it might use the land for some public purpose, as per the plan; and
    2. if it is to be rezoned to a higher use, the city should benefit financially from the rezoning.

    On the other hand, there is an argument to be made that the city should sell the property now, as is, and let the new owner take the risks associated with rezoning.

    The reason for this thinking is that if the city benefits financially from an upzoning, then the city is in a conflict of interest, as the seller and the rezoning approval body.

    From the perspective of neighbours, this potential conflict of interest could be very important. Refer to the court case over the Brenhill rezoning in Downtown Vancouver, on Richards Street.

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