Vancouver School Board Long Range Facilities Plan, public meetings March 5 – May 8

Open House Jan 26th held in Norquay SchoolHere we share a message circulating from Heritage Vancouver. This is important stuff. Vancouver schools were originally located within walking distance of every neighbourhood in Vancouver — that is what sustainability is all about. Heritage protection is one important piece of the puzzle. Seismic safety for our young people (the future of society) and teachers is another. Falling (or shifting) enrolment is another, due in part to astronomical housing prices in Vancouver. Budget constraints are another. How can all these priorities be balanced for the long term health and safety of our society?

Vancouver School Board Long Range Facilities Plan

The Vancouver School Board (VSB) has begun a public engagement process to get input into a new Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP). The province requires that the VSB increase district-wide enrolment from about 85% today to 95%, before the province will continue funding the critical Seismic Upgrade Program. This may involve closing and/or repurposing some schools in the future. This potentially could also threaten the future of many heritage schools.

Heritage Vancouver, together with the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and the Heritage Commission intend to play an active role in this process. We encourage all who are concerned about the future of heritage schools to attend the meetings, between March 5 and May 8, 2016.

Saturday March 5th – 1-4pm is the first Open House and will be held at Creekside Community Centre.

For more information on how to get involved:

On Twitter: @VSBEngagement 

For reader convenience, here below we copy more info from the website.

VSB engagement schedule Mar-May-2016

  • The VSB has launched a new channel for sharing information on the ways
    to get involved: and @vsbengagement.
  • Online public survey launches March 5.
  • Meeting with stakeholders beginning in February 2016 and throughout the consultation period.
  • Open house launch on March 5 followed by community conversations in April.
  • Close of consultation with an open house and report out on May 8.
  • Updates on a regular basis.



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