Compare and contrast COPE vs Vision: Two meetings on “housing affordability” Feb 28 & Feb 29

Vision vs COPE meetings 28-29-Feb-2016Here is an opportunity for thinking minds to compare and contrast the content and messaging of two key players in Vancouver’s civic policies and politics. COPE versus Vision Vancouver. Both civic parties are having a meeting less than a day apart on a topic on everyone’s lips: affordable housing.

  • COPE: General Meeting: “Achieving affordable housing in Vancouver” Feb 28, 2016 (Sunday, 2 – 4 pm)
    Marpole Community Centre, 990 West 59th Ave.
  • Vision Vancouver: Early Council: “Addressing the urgent challenges on housing affordability” Feb 29, 2016 (Monday, 7:30 – 9:30 am)
    Lost + Found Cafe, 33 W Hastings St. (Note: Despite the meeting name and image of City Hall, this meeting is in no way connected to Vancouver City Council.)

This topic of “affordable housing” goes to the very core of survival and well-being of  individuals, families, neighbourhoods, and indeed, our very society. Vision Vancouver has had absolute control of Vancouver City Council for nearly eight years, since 2008. How has that turned out? How to they portray their achievements and plans? Meanwile, COPE has been a major force on Vancouver’s civic scene for decades, but currently does not hold a single elected position. How to they see the issues and solutions through their lense? If anyone attends one or both events, CityHallWatch would certainly like to run a story comparing and contrasting observations of points raised at the meetings. It would be great to see a table comparison of key points. Which has the deepest and most convincing analysis and solutions? Please write us at Excerpts of meeting information are below, from e-mail invitations. Please visit their websites to confirm content and registration details.

COPE logo Feb 20161. COPE: General Meeting: “Achieving affordable housing in Vancouver” – Feb 28, 2016


What has led to our current housing affordability crisis? What can we do now? What is happening in Vancouver at the grassroots level?

To learn more about these issues, come to our General Meeting on Sunday, February 28
WHERE: Marpole Community Centre at 990 West 59th Avenue (see map)
WHEN: Meeting is from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm  Registration starts at 1:00pm

WHAT: The meeting will include a keynote presentation by David Ley on ‘Housing booms in gateway cities: implications for affordability’,and a Vancouver Round-Up in which presenters will move from table to table for small group presentations. These will be followed by a business meeting at which we will address previously announced resolutions and fill some vacancies on the executive. Before the General Meeting, there will also be a meeting of the Equity Caucuses from 12:45pm to 1:45pm (see website for more info about this Equity Plenary).

Keynote Presenter:David Ley photo UBC 2016.jpg

David Ley,has been Professor of Geography at UBC for 30 years focusing on urban geography, especially such issues as gentrification, immigration and housing and neighbourhood dynamics. His last book, Millionaire Migrants, examined the wealthy migrants who have landed in Vancouver from East Asia since the 1980s. His current book project,HousingBubbles in Gateway Cities, is looking at housing markets, affordability and public policy in five gateway cities, one of which is Vancouver.

There will be an open mike for questions after his presentation.

Professor Ley’s presentation will be followed by our Vancouver Round Up on what is happening at the neighbourhood level as we all respond to rampant development in our communities. Presenters will move from table to table for small group presentations, discussions and Q and A. Every table will hear all presenters.

Round Table Presenters:

1.President Mike Burdick  and director Albert Leung of the Marpole Community Centre – on the struggle to save their neighbourhood.
2. Marilyn Hogan – a dedicated neighbourhood activist in Norquay will talk about the implications of rezoning.
3. Arielle Yip and Chanel Ly – Inspired by the Chinatown Action Group, Arielle and Chanel now advocate and organize with a social justice lens where they live in the Joyce Street Neighbourhood.
4. Imtiaz Popat – will share with us the threats that mean an Uncertain Future for the Punjabi Market.
5. Larry Benge – Co Chair of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods and active resident of Kitsilano, Larry will share the threats and opportunities for this venerable neighbourhood.

Resolutions and Elections. See website. 


2. Vision Vancouver: Early Council: “Addressing the urgent challenges on housing affordability” – Feb 29, 2016

Vision Early Council Meggs logo 29-Feb-2016.JPG

Early Council – Addressing the urgent challenges on housing affordability

Housing affordability is one of the most urgent challenges facing our city and our region.

The average price of a detached home sold within the City of Vancouver has now surpassed $2.5 million, and recently-raised concerns about the rapid resale of homes across the region highlight how we need new tools from the provincial government to properly manage BC’s real estate market.

The Mayor has brought forward a motion asking City Council to support his call to the provincial government to take significant new steps to make housing more affordable including:
  • A speculation tax, to slow down the practice of flipping houses, which treats housing as a commodity and intensifies the price escalation.
  • A luxury housing tax, to ensure that the very wealthiest buyers or investors pay an added price, which (like a speculation tax) would raise new funds to make housing more affordable for those on low and modest incomes.
  • Far better tracking of data on domestic and foreign investment and absentee ownership.
Additionally, the Mayor recently announced that Vancouver will offer 20 new sites of city-owned land to meet the urgent need to build new affordable housing in our city. Valued at $250 million, it’s the largest contribution of local land for affordable housing in Vancouver’s history – and possibly in Canadian history.
Join us to discuss our proposals to address housing affordability and to share your ideas on what steps the City can take to.

Early Council – Addressing the urgent challenges on housing affordability

Monday, February 29th, 2016 | 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Lost + Found Cafe | 33 W Hastings Street

Includes muffins and coffee by donation


We know there is no single solution to the challenges we face on housing affordability and we’re continuing our work to use every available resource to get new affordable housing built, but we need all levels of government to step up to keep housing within reach for families on low, modest and middle-incomes.

I hope you’ll join the discussion to address the urgent challenges we face on housing affordability – see you there!

Geoff Meggs
City Councillor, Vision Vancouver
[Editorial note: In addition to being the above stated position with his political party, Mr. Meggs also happens to be a City Councillor representing the public on City Council at the City of Vancouver.]


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