Unprotected Heritage

1617 West 4th Avenue
Old buildings along arterial streets do not necessarily have heritage status. For example, 1617 West 4th Avenue built in 1910 (pictured above) is not on the Vancouver Heritage Register. While the City is currently in the process of updating the Register as part of its Heritage Action Plan, there are few safeguards for buildings that are not formally designated as a protected heritage.

There are older industrial and commercial buildings, such as 2644 East 1st Avenue (evaluated as class B) that are in the Heritage Register, but are quite vulnerable without a protected designation:

2644 East 1st Avenue

The recent rezoning of 225 Smithe Street on January 19, 2016, illustrates how a building from 1925 can be approved for redevelopment.

225 Smithe Street (building from 1925)

225 Smithe Street (building from 1925)

Many old homes around the City are demolished without any consideration for heritage. We’ve previously noted that a 100-year old home at 348 East 7th Avenue was taken down at the end of 2013. Apart from the limited Heritage Register, the City for all practical purposes has no processes in place to preserve old buildings in parts of the City outside of the Shaughnessy Heritage Conservation Area.348 East 7th Avenue
The Legg Residence was on the Heritage Register. It was built in 1899 at 1241 Harwood (photo prior to demolition):
Legg Residence
The Legg Residence (June 2014):legg residence above

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  1. All properties owned by chinese that are empty and not up grade must be expropriated and sold to the highest bidder they cannot buy property again in BC

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