MLA David Eby to give update on Jericho Lands development at WPGCA AGM Feb 3 (Wed) 8 pm

WPGCA annual-general-meeting-2016The West Point Grey Community Association is holding its Annual General Meeting tonight. After the business session, guest speaker BC MLA David Eby will talk about the latest developments regarding the Jericho Lands. CityHallWatch has covered this topic before, most recently with this detailed analysis by Ned Jacobs: Little Mountain and the sale of BC’s Jericho Lands.

Meeting: West Point Grey AGM
Location: Historic Aberthau Mansion – 4397 West 2nd Avenue
Date: Wednesday February 3, 2016
Time: 7:00 pm – AGM and election of Board
8:00 pm – Presentation on Jericho Lands

If you’ve been following the issue closely through his Jericho e-mail list, there won’t be much new information, he says. But, if you’re recently interested in the issue and looking for a high level overview with an emphasis on the latest information, “this presentation is for you.”

Many are interested in the City of Vancouver’s role in all of this. A representative of the City will be in attendance to answer questions. Light refreshments will be served.

Jericho LandsExcerpt of advertisement

West Point Grey Community Centre
West Point Grey Community Association
Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, February 3, 2016 @ 7:00 PM
West Point Grey Community Centre @ Historic Aberthau Mansion
A City of Vancouver Representative will be in attendance to answer questions.
Light refreshments wine served.
The West Point Crey Community Association operates the West Point Grey Community Centre in partnership with the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.
4397 WEST 2ND AVENUE VANCOUVER BC 604-257-8140

One thought on “MLA David Eby to give update on Jericho Lands development at WPGCA AGM Feb 3 (Wed) 8 pm

  1. It would be very informative if Mr Eby, Ms Joyce Murray, Mayor Robertson, Vancouver City Council, the Vancouver Park Board, Vancouver Park Board Commissioners and executive of the West Point Grey Community Association could detail to Vancouver residents exactly what level of consultation or consideration they feel they’re entitled to on the future of the Jericho Lands.

    It’s taken well over 100 years for the Jericho Lands to finally be returned to it’s rightful owners, the First Nations Peoples and during that time the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Park Board and local area residents have opposed any compensation settlement including the one that was finally reached between the First Nations and the Govt of Canada.

    Surely they don’t expect better treatment than our First Nations Peoples received when their land was literally stolen from under them, deforested and then paved over eliminating historical food gathering sites plus hunting and fishing grounds, choosing to try and starve them out over shooting them,
    after all bullets cost money.
    Don’t forget many of the same players today demanding inclusion on the Jericho Lands also vigorously opposed the 2008 Musqueam Reconciliation, Settlement and Benefits Agreement yet somehow Metro Vancouver supported and the Vancouver Park Board demanded that it be compensated for the loss of parkland, land that wasn’t theirs in the first place.

    Personally I would like to see our First Nations build some truly sustainable housing utilizing geothermal energy, and solar, raise chickens and pigs, develop orchards and gardens, daylight salmon streams, create a First Nations K-12 education centre, build a playing field, softball diamond, hockey rink and indoor/outdoor pool for First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples so they can eliminate having the Vancouver Park Board control their access to recreation and much more.

    Whatever the First Nations do with their land it’s their Right to do so as they see fit, they’ve waited long enough.
    Lets remember that the City of Vancouver cannot dictate what types of development occurs at UBC or the Endowment Lands, as Mayor Robertson repeatedly claimed they’re not part of Vancouver yet the COV/VPB have agreements with them to supply services including the Vancouver Fire Dept. and priority access to VPB recreation facilities though I doubt any agreements between the COV and UBC came with preconditions.

    It’s time the Point Grey NIMBYS and their minions shut up and leave well enough alone but I wouldn’t be surprised if their next rally was at a local Bierpalast.
    Nothing like more free booze to stoke the torches, it’s worked before.

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