Roundhouse Radio FM 98.3 launches weekly radio spot with CityHallWatch Tuesday mornings 7 am

roundhouse radio Kirk LaPoint logoRoundhouse Radio (FM 98.3, online at, @roundhouse983) has launched a new weekly segment featuring CityHallWatch’s Steve Bohus and Randy Helten every Tuesday morning at 7 am.

This segment of  “Our City with Kirk LaPointe” will current civic affairs, with much of the material coming from CityHallWatch posts. (Regular City Council meetings start every second Tuesday at 9:30 am, so we will be able to cover hot topics on the agenda.)

roundhouse radio logoTo listen online now to the first two shows, see below.
Our City with Kirk LaPointe – City Watch Panel (Jan 19, 2016)
Kirk speaks with Randy Helten and Stephen Bohus of City Hall Watch about the proposed system of appointing Councillors as neighbourhood liaisons.
Our City with Kirk LaPointe – City Watch Panel (Jan 26, 2016)
Kirk speaks with Randal Helten and Steve Bohus about DTES 12-storey tower controversy decision by Development Permit Board on January 25th.


Immediately after the CityHallWatch comes the weekly local politics panel, with Larry Benge of the Coalition of Vancovur Neighbourhoods (CVN) and Joel Grenz (Motiontide Media).

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