Astroturfed Greenest City

boulevard astroturf
Is too much green a bad thing? In the “Greenest City” of Vancouver, astroturf has been used for a boulevard “planting” in East Vancouver (pictured). Yaletown also has patches of astroturf.

One may wonder, if the City keeps this up, then will they have fake street trees as well? Welcome to the “Greenest City”. Sometimes you can never be too green. Is City Hall testing out a concept of drought-resistant landscapes? What are the life-cycle environmental impacts of astroturf?

Astroturf Yaletown

Astroturf Yaletown

Astroturf Yaletown

Yaletown astroturfAstroturf in Yaletown

Is it a good move to also astroturf playing fields for kids? The following photos were taken of Trillium Park in 2013. Are kids more prone to injury on astroturf compared to grass surfaces? One more thought: Does astroturf count toward the City’s ‘access to nature’ initiatives?

Astroturf Trillium fieldAstroturf Trillium field

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