VCPC: 2015 Highlights – Planning and Development in Vancouver (Jan 26, Tues)

Yaletown towersWhat were the defining decisions, actions and events of 2015 in planning and development that could prove to be transformative in Vancouver’s evolution? (Draft list at bottom)

The Vancouver City Planning Commission presents a discussion with panellists working in Vancouver’s planning and development as they share their views on significant events from 2015. They will draw on a list brainstormed in advance and on suggestions from the audience. (View draft list of events)

The panel discussion also marks the launch of the first edition of the new Chronology of Planning and Development in Vancouver. The events identified will be included in the 2015 section of the Chronology.

6:00 – 7:00 Audience Preview and Ideas

  • Review the short list of 2015 planning and development highlights
  • Add your comments and suggestions
  • Record your perspective on video
  • Share your reflections with others
  • Enjoy the snacks provided

7:00 – 9:00 Panel Discussion

MODERATOR: Stephen Quinn, CBC On the Coast

  • Frances Bula, Urban affairs journalist
  • Jennifer Marshall, Architect and urban designer
  • Bob Rennie, Real estate and condo marketer
  • Noha Sedky, Urban planner and facilitator


The Vancouver City Planning Commission has been working with community partners and advisors to compile a list of planning and development milestones from early settlement by First Nations to the present. The result is an online timeline providing snapshots of significant events, including Council decisions, major real estate developments, federal housing investments, regional plans, new transportation technologies, social policy innovations and environmental restoration. (More information.)


Vancouver City Planning Commission

Organizer of 2015 Highlights: Planning and Development in Vancouver

The Vancouver City Planning Commission is an advisory body of citizens appointed by Council with a broad mandate to consider and advise Council on matters relating to the future of Vancouver. To create a solid foundation for its advice to Council, the VCPC organizes conferences, consultations, idea competitions, presentations and research in a variety of topics including housing, public realm, transportation, public engagement and neighbourhoods.

Main website:


For convenience, here is the draft list as of January 22, 2016. Source:

The events listed below were among the top choices (in random order).
Click on the name of the event for more details.

Viaducts to be demolished
Renewable City Strategy
Starchitect towers arrive in Vancouver
St. Paul’s Hospital relocation
#Don’tHave1Million protests
Arts Factory opens
Brenhill Decision
Bridge safety fences approved
False Creek Flats planning process begins
Heritage Action Plan approved
Shaughnessy becomes first conservation area
Transportation plebiscite fails
Grandview Woodlands Citizens’ Assembly report
City Hall Leadership Changes
Waterfront tower re-ignites debate on Waterfront Hub

Sources for the draft list
One of the sources referred to in creating the draft list was the December 21, 2015 of Novae Res Urbis, Vancouver edition, which included a compilation planning and development highlights for the year.
A copy can be downloaded here, courtesy of the publisher, Novae Res Urbis. The Vancouver edition of the publication ceased publication at the end of 2015.


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