Explore Neighbourhood Empowerment. An Invitation from the Kerrisdale Community Centre (2pm Sunday January 24, 2016)

KCCS-Poster_letter-format_for-email-1“Explore Neighbourhood Empowerment” is free event organized by the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society. The Keynote speaker is Mr. Jim Diers, Past Director of Neighbourhood Development at the City of Seattle. Additional speakers include Dr. David Ley (UBC Geography) and Larry Benge (Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods).

For reference, a summary of the event has been reproduced below:

The Kerrisdale Community Centre Society invites you and your friends to the “Explore Neighbourhood Empowerment” presentation on Sunday, January 24, 2016 at the Kerrisdale Community Centre Auditorium.


A 2012 Vancouver Foundation study found that, while many residents are collaborating and working hard to create a vibrant and healthy community, far too many have retreated from civic life and do not participate in the many community activities.

About 20 years ago, the City Council of Seattle established a very successful mechanism for citizen, neighbourhood, and community input into neighbourhood initiatives and planning processes. The system continues to flourish today.

Vancouver today

The City does not appear to have an overall plan for growth and development. Development has been undertaken with minimal neighbourhood consultation. Decisions appear to be made on an ad hoc basis with little or no regard to the Community Vision plans developed through extensive citizen involvement a decade ago.

The Neighbourhood Integrated Service Teams, a 2001 award-winning initiative to establish a holistic neighbourhood focused approach to local issues, has been disbanded. Centralization is now the watchword.

The Explore Neighbourhood Empowerment presentation led by Mr. Jim Diers will address:

  • Advantages of neighbourhood involvement and empowerment, and how they can be measured.
  • How you can keep your community strong.

Participants will leave with an appreciation of the benefits of involvement in the decision-making processes of neighbourhood planning and developments, and an understanding on how to achieve them.

Please join us and pre-register your attendance by emailing: kerrisdaleccsociety [at] gmail.com or calling 604.257.6904. Admission is free.

See you on Sunday, January 24, at 2 pm.

Kathleen Bigsby

President – Kerrisdale Community Centre Society
Kerrisdale Community Centre

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