City website links to Council meetings, Public Hearing agendas not available


(Epilogue: The problem started at least by 9:45 am and it appears to have taken until 11 a.m. to fix.)

The pages for the City of Vancouver’s website to the upcoming City Council meeting agendas are not available, as of this writing. Links to the upcoming Council meetings are listed on the following webpage:

The webpage for the January 20, 2016 Public Hearing:
Is redirected to:

Hopefully City of Vancouver staff will find a way to swiftly restore external access to their website.

Meanwhile, the full agendas are available on CityHallWatch here:

The Straight editor Charlie Smith points out that “The public often requests to speak to council based on what they read in these staff reports. But if they’re not available over the Internet across Vancouver, it undermines a central principle of democratic municipal governance: tell residents what you’re planning to do, give them a chance to speak to the issue, and then make a decision after consulting with the public.

If the problem persists, the Mayor and Council might wish to consider postponing some of the key agenda items of January 19 and 20 until the next meeting. This situation is an interesting case study.

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