Zoning By-law on RM-9A/9AN for Norquay’s Apartment Transition Area: Citizens concerned. Public Hearing Jan 19 (Tues)

CoV Zoning in Norquay Village, 15-Dec-2015(We are reprinting a press release from Residents for Community Control on City Development, a new group in the Norquay area, along Kingsway between Victoria and Killarney. See Facebook links at bottom for more info.)

Press release (14-Jan-2016)


Attend the public hearing 6 pm, Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at Vancouver City Hall, 453 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC and say “NO” to blanket rezoning.[See agenda and documents for the Public Hearing here: http://former.vancouver.ca/ctyclerk/cclerk/20160119/phea20160119ag.htm]

Residents for Community Control on City Development were shocked when city planners announced their application to rezone large areas near Kingsway between Victoria and Killarney, known as the Norquay area, which would “streamline” and fast-track the development application process for developers, without regard for community interests or even community input into the process.

This rezoning would allow developers to build apartments and town houses without specific City Council approval or even the usual token “consultation” with the community. It would  mean NO more open houses, NO more notices in the papers, NO guarantee to speak at City Council meetings – all of which are a bare minimum now. Our community residential voices will be silenced if this rezoning application succeeds.

A very large development project is already underway in the Victoria-Kingsway area and more are being planned. One of our group’s founding members, Alicia Barsallo, says: “Densification is turning our quiet streets into highways, increasing wait times for buses, placing ever-increasing demand on minimal parking spaces, and crowding our already packed pools and other community services. Vancouver – meant to be the greenest city in the world – is a city in destruction”.

Blanket rezoning challenges the heart of the democratic process itself. Help save the fundamental democratic principles of transparency, openness and real community guidance in shaping the future of the our city. The solution is simple: demand that City Council stop any blanket rezoning in Norquay and deal with development applications on a case-by-case basis, with proper community involvement during initial planning stages. Your neighbourhood could be next!

We urge the public to get involved. Attend the public hearing, and apply to speak if you wish. Or visit our Facebook page to submit your comments. Say “NO” to RM-9A rezoning. Will the civic political parties fall in line on this?

Marilyn Hogan
member of Residents for Community Control on City Development (RCCCD)
mhogan1954@yahoo.ca  604-879-0730

Alicia Barsallo can be reached at
aliciabarsallo@telus.net  778-772-8550

— 30 —






Amendments to the Zoning and Development By-law Regarding the
RM-9A/9AN Districts for Norquay’s Apartment Transition Area. http://former.vancouver.ca/ctyclerk/cclerk/20151215/documents/p3.pdf






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