Vancouver tops North America’s per capita ownership of gas-guzzling luxury cars – Huffington Post

Ferrari parked on a residential Shaughnessy street

There’s a fair bit of irony that the so-called ‘greenest city’ has the highest per capita number of gas-guzzling luxury vehicles in North Amercia. An article in the Huffington Post examined the concentration of luxury supercars in the region: Vancouver Is A ‘Luxury Car Capital’ Where Drivers Just Got Their Licences (by Andree Lau, Jan 12, 2016).

The following tweet from @sfard provides a few insights:


Of course, Vancouver might not really be the “Greenest City” in the world, let alone in North America. Questions about City’s greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) accounting need to be seriously addressed.

The high concentration of supercars in the region also highlights the huge disparity in incomes. Is the high number of gas-guzzling supercars a visible sign of the huge gap between the superrich and the poor? How much of the money flowing around Vancouver’s economy is of local versus foreign origin? What is the deeper societal story behind this story?

Ferrari dealership

Jaguar dealershipOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABurrard Street Ferrari Dealership Ferrari dealership


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