CP Police on hand as workers whack weeds prior to court date in Arbutus corridor battle with Vancouver

Arbutus CP Rail line work 11-Jan-2016 (20)
Workers and police guards were present at 9:30 am this Monday morning in Vancouver’s Arbutus corridor area between 6th Avenue and several blocks northward. Workers armed with weed whackers were accompanied by burly police who appeared to be armed with weapons — the Canadian Pacific Police. One wonders why the security was needed. But apparently no trouble broke out, as the officers were soon spotted at a local Subway restaurant sipping coffee while the weed whacking continued. The possible implications of their work appeared soon afterward by Twitter. The photo gallery below shows images along the rail line this morning.Arbutus CP Rail line work 11-Jan-2016 (8) expanded

Metro News Vancouver reporter Emily Jackson had pointed out via Twitter that the future of the Arbutus corridor railway goes to court later this month. A reader asked her “Is this about the City trying to get a declaration that the line has been abandoned?” To which she replied “Yes.” Perhaps the whackers and police were a show of force indicating that the railway has not been abandoned.



Not currently known to many Canadians, the Canadian Pacific Police Service (CCPS) is, according to Wikipedia, “a private railroad police force enforcing safety and policing along Canadian Pacific Railway properties and rail lines in Canada and the United States…” Also, “The Canadian Pacific Police Service is one of the oldest police services in Canada. CP Police Service, formerly CP Railway Police, have a long and storied past within Canada and CP Rail is a part of Canada’s history. Railway police were called upon many times to police railway towns, and to keep the peace during the building of the Canadian Railways from coast to coast. … In past years they had been downsized and numbered under 100 officers across Canada, however they are currently expanding their numbers across Canada. CP Police are also deployed throughout the CP Rail System in the USA.”

Website of CP Police Service:  http://www.cpr.ca/en/safety/cp-police-service



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