Snapshot of development applications, 1-Jan-2016

1501 Commercial Drive

New Category of Development Applications introduced for Medical Marijuana-Related Use

As a free public service we take a monthly snapshot of the Development Applications listed on the City of Vancouver website. Our count of “DE” numbers for January 1, 2016 shows 99 items listed (down from 155 last month). Of the total, 10 are “concurrent with rezoning,” which could mean they are being fast-tracked under Rental 100. Three are revised, one is on hold, and some may have also had a change of address.

The City has introduced a new category of Development Applications for Medical Marijuana-Related Uses. The City’s website shows a total of 9 applications; however, we note that there is at least a 10th application at 1501 Commercial Drive (pictured).

(We also take rezoning application snapshots. Search for “rezoning” and “snapshot” in the CityHallWatch search field.) If you are concerned about an application and would like to publicize it or get more info, send us an e-mail at, and we might be able to look deeper. The following information is simply copied as text from the City’s site. Many links will stop working over time. For current list, click:

Click here for the list in PDF format: CoV Development Applications snapshot, 1-Jan-2016

Development Application Information Web Page

Welcome! The City is committed to making sure neighbours of development proposals are as informed as possible about proposed developments and that they have opportunities to provide input. This new method serves to notify people about development applications, in a way that is more sustainable and cost-effective.

Development Permit application information is listed below by address. Simply search for the application you are interested in and click on the link for more information.

To assist you, view the Glossary of key technical terms and a brief explanation of the application process.

Information on the Development Permit Board may be found at:

Development Application Details

The applications are listed alphabetically below. Numbered and Named streets by address/location:

Medical Marijuana-Related Use Development Applications

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