Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Update: 2015 and 2016

Cambie Corridor photo, City of Vancouver website, Dec 2015

Cambie Corridor. Photo credit: City of Vancouver website

(The following e-mail has gone out from the City of Vancouver to persons interested in the Cambie Corridor planning processes. We thank a reader for sharing a copy.)

Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Update (e-mail from City of Vancouver, 15-Dec-2015)

We want to extend a sincere thank you the many residents and other stakeholders that got involved and provided input throughout the first step of the Phase 3 planning program.

It has been a busy 2015 for the Cambie Corridor Phase 3 planning process and we look forward to a productive 2016. As a recap, our community engagement to-date has included the following:

Spring/Summer 2015
The Phase 3 process kicked off in the spring, with over 1,100 attendees at our May and June launch events. Our team also had a chance to participate in several resident-led walking tours to better understand local perspectives and considerations for Phase 3.

Fall 2015
Throughout October and November, over 600 attendees took part in a series of workshops looking at 6 local sub-areas within the Phase 3 study area. Workshop discussions and feedback will help our planning team:

  • Confirm and refine the focus areas for considering potential change
  • Explore early ideas for new housing types, such as townhouses and other ground-oriented options; and
  • Identify ideas and key considerations for unique sites or areas within the Corridor

Next Steps
Our next steps will include summarizing feedback from the fall workshops, and undertaking more detailed review and technical work. This review and analysis will help us test policy options for consideration in the next steps of the planning process.

We look forward to connecting back with the community in spring 2016 and wish you the best over the holiday season!

Please visit for more project information and to view past consultation materials.

See you in 2016!

The Cambie Corridor Team

Phase 3 will build on the first two phases of planning, looking at opportunities to provide more housing choices in the Corridor, as well as improvements to public space and community amenities. We look forward to your involvement.

As the plan is developed, please stay in touch via the following means:

Web & List-serv sign-up:
Telephone: 604-873-7038 ext. 3

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