Realtor seeks Vancouver homes to market in Shanghai next week

Realtor marketing Vancouver property in Shanghai LPS Dec 2015Comment: This card is being circulated to mailboxes in Vancouver neighbourhoods this week. People may have different opinions for and against, but this type of marketing certainly is part of the global system that treats housing as a commodity. One effect is that it forces local families on local incomes, in a local tax environment, to compete with wealthier others from around the world. And though the target of this marketing is “high-end” homes, there is obviously a trickle-down effect to the entire housing market. Does the mention of “premium” price offers also fuel the magnitude of speculation on both sides of the deal? Update – On December 9, top news is that property owners can expect a big increase in property taxes due to the dramatic increase in property values in 2015. Are realtors like this agents of property price escalation?

Also showed up on CTV.


December 13-15, 2015

Would you like your home marketed at Shanghai’s largest international real estate exhibition?
I’m personally taking a select number of high-end listings to XXX XXX’s booth at the exclusive Luxury Property Showcase in Shanghai. As a Caucasian, Chinese speaking REALTOR born and raised in Vancouver, I’ll be able to uniquely market your home to an invitation-only audience of 5000 VIP luxury buyers in China.
37% of last year’s attendees have an annual income of over USD $600,000 and 31% are considering purchasing real estate in Vancouver. These buyers may be willing to pay you a premium for your home. Opportunities like this come only once per year.

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