MEC plans move from Broadway to Olympic Village. Open House Wednesday, December 9th

MEC rezoningMountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is planning to relocate its flagship Broadway location to Olympic Village. A rezoning application has been submitted for the construction of a new building at 101 East 2nd Avenue. The City of Vancouver has scheduled an Open House to present the rezoning proposal at the following time and place:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 5 – 8 pm
1 Athletes Way (Creekside Community Centre)

The proposed building would have a height of 20.8 metres (68.5 feet). The building only has 3 levels; the FSR is 2.0. The City doesn’t take into account enormous floor heights while making floor space ratio calculations (the two lower floors are 5.6 metres high while the top floor is 3.8 metres high). A total of 174 parking stalls are proposed in 3 levels of underground parking accessed via a laneway. The site is currently zoned as industrial (M-2) and falls within the Southeast False Creek Official Development Plan.

MEC 101 East 2nd AvenueThe proposed relocation of the flagship MEC store begs the question: What is to become of the site at 130 West Broadway? Are there plans to redevelop that property?

Further information on the proposed development can be found on the City’s rezoning centre website. MEC has recently completed the construction of their new headquarters nearby (another rezoning), at 1077 Great Northern Way.

3 thoughts on “MEC plans move from Broadway to Olympic Village. Open House Wednesday, December 9th

  1. You gotta do a better job keeping on top of real estate transactions. The MEC store on Broadway (not owned by MEC, just tenanted) was sold 6 months ago to a local developer. MEC’s lease runs for another 3 or 4 years, at which time the new store will be ready, then it’ll get redeveloped, along with the rest of the block if they can assemble all of those properties.

    If they can get the whole block, in my opinion they should get two 15 to 18 storey towers including a 3 or 4 storey podium, with retail at grade. Broadway should be densified.

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