Joyce Area press release: Abrupt proposals for towers up to 35 storeys “a cause for concern”

joycestn1Reblogged with kind permission from Eye on Norquay:


Joyce Area Residents Association says City Plans
for Joyce Collingwood are Cause for Concern

Vancouver, British Columbia ­ (November 30, 2015)

The newly formed Joyce Area Residents Association (JARA), hosted two Community Information Nights this past week (November 26 & 28, 2015) as an alternative venue to review the Joyce­-Collingwood Station Precinct Review. All three options of the review would increase new tower heights in the area from 17 to as much as 35 storeys. This rapid change would displace much of the existing community by increasing rents and forcing low-­income families to relocate. Previously, the City was allowing for a mere two weeks of comments from the community before JARA released a petition to request for further consultation. The comment period was then extended to November 29.

The Community Information Nights were multi­lingual, creative, kid­-friendly and participatory. Attendees commented on their fears concerning incoming development and their visions for the future of the neighbourhood. Long­time residents, homeowners and business owners highlighted their concerns about displacement and forced relocation, increasing unaffordability and the lack of genuine, community consultation.

Chanel Ly, a 23 year old resident and JARA organizer asks, “What is the plan for the people who are living here? Many business owners were shocked that the plan featured condos built where they are already operating. Development needs to meet the needs of the existing neighbourhood. We need the City to assess the social impacts of incoming development.”

Following the event, JARA compiled a report of the two Community Information Nights entitled, “Community Response to the Joyce-­Collingwood Station Precinct Review” and sent it to the Vancouver City Council early Monday morning. The group is awaiting a reply from the City while they are still in communication with residents and local business owners.

Arielle dela Cruz Yip, another JARA organizer says, “We hope the City will work closely with us to determine policies and protections that serve the current residents and retailers. Development should not dictate drastic changes in the community. Those most impacted by development in the community need to have a genuine seat at the table.”

For more information, please contact:
Joyce Area Residents Association
Vancouver, British Columbia
Email: rencollspeasks [at]
Phone: Chanel Ly / 778­889­3088

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