Urban Design Panel 2-Dec (Wed): VAG, 1550 Alberni, 105 Keefer (544 Columbia), 1111 Richards (508 Helmcken)

1550-Alberni-Street-2 image Kengo Kuma, Westbank, small

1550 Alberni

The Urban Design Panel (UDP) on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, will review the following four applications. The official start is 3 pm and the detailed schedule is as follows:

  • 800 West Georgia Street (Vancouver Art Gallery – North Plaza) (3:15 pm)
  • 1550 Alberni Street (4:15 pm)
  • 105 Keefer Street and 544 Columbia Street (5:15 pm)
  • 1111 Richards Street (formerly 508 Helmcken Street) (6:15 pm)

Agenda here: http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/committees/agenda-urban-design-panel.20151202.pdf

All are significant applications. Some comments and tips for anyone interested. This UDP meeting is an important step toward a staff report to Council recommending approval of each application, whether a rezoning or development application. Crucial information may be presented to the UDP that never makes it to the public. We have covered each of these applications separately. Use our search field for more details.

  • Panel meetings are open to public attendance the website warns that “but the meetings are not a forum for public comment.” The public is not permitted to address the UDP, only to observe.
  • The website says “Please note that recording and filming of the panel by the public is not generally allowed. To obtain a copy of the audio recording for a meeting please contact the Meeting Coordinator.” However, we believe the City has no basis in law to ban recording of a public meeting.
  • Watch out for the panel going in-camera illegally at the start of the meeting without proper cause or required notice, as we have observed and reported on in the past. Doing so creates the impression that there may be material information conveyed to UDP members as to how to vote on the application.
  • This agenda was only posted online today, two days before the meeting. Concerned groups and individuals were not notified. Though the UDP is a public body in civic system, the short notice for meetings on developments so crucial for neighbourhoods certainly puts the public at a disadvantage. It doesn’t have to be this way, but this is how the City does things.
508 Helmcken DP stage

508 Helmcken

Official information:

508 Helmcken Street (also known as 1111 Richards Street) – DE419710
1111 Richards Street (formerly known as 508 Helmcken)

105 Keefer Street

1550 Alberni Street

Robson Plaza (North Plaza of Vancouver Art Gallery)


Great squares around the world. How does Robson Plaza design compare? Public comment period until December 3rd (Nov 26, 2015, CityHallWatch)
trees in VAG North Plaza
New plaza design would remove all of the existing mature trees from the existing square.
Robson Square Trees

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