Film footage from Vancouver Archives: Nov 29 (Sun) 3 pm, Vancity Theatre

New and old Granville Bridges, Walter E Frost, Vancouver Archives

Granville bridges, looking north (new in left background, old on right) (Walter E. Frost/Vancouver Archives)

Vancouver: A Distant Mirror offers glimpses into city’s history
Film footage from the Vancouver Archives will be screened on Sunday at 3 p.m. at Vancity Theatre (CBC online, 13-Nov-2015) Excerpts follow:

False Creek may be full of condos and bike paths today, but from the ’50s through the ’70s it was a hub of industry and construction.

That chapter in the neighbourhood’s history has been captured in Vancouver: A Distant Mirror, a screening of historical films from the City of Vancouver Archives hosted Sunday afternoon by local historian Michael Kluckner.

… Kluckner says when choosing films to screen, he looks for those that “make a connection” to the past.

The exhibit has an array of footage from the era, depicting, among other things, parties, industry, Chinatown, and even ads for the 1955 Grey Cup.

Ultimately, Kluckner says that footage of mundane things can tell us a lot about the past. He says the films tell us about how the roles of men and women have changed, and he begins each screening with a piece of advice: “Watch for the cigarettes.

… Vancouver: A Distant Mirror will be screened on Sunday, Nov .29, at 3 p.m. at Vancity Theatre.

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