Global Climate March on Sunday, November 29th, 1pm

As a public service announcement, we’re passing along information we received via Climate Convergence.

Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories,
November 29th, 1pm Vancouver Art Gallery

On November 29th, the eve of the Paris Climate Conference: COP21, thousands are slated to march through Vancouver demanding clear commitment to renewable energy and just transition away from expanding fossil fuels.

global_climate_marchWorld leaders will be meeting in Paris with the power to negotiate bold climate action. All around the globe, activists, religious leaders, artists, actors, authors, and everyday people are demanding that politicians represent their best interests in the coming talks.

ParisOver 1,600 Global Climate Marches have been planned on November 29th, amounting to the largest climate mobilization that the world has seen to date.

In Canada, the newly elected federal government has yet to announce its climate strategy. Justin Trudeau made numerous statements on the campaign trail suggesting climate change is a priority, including announcing an aim to end subsidies for fossil fuels and subsidize renewable energy.

Vancouver’s Global Climate March has been organized by a coalition, known as Climate Convergence, representative of many progressive groups in Vancouver. Attendees are expected from a wide range of concerned citizens, indigenous, environmental, faith and arts groups, as well as unions.

For more information :


Global Climate March PCM2015_Now

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