“Get Big Money out of Civic Politics!”: 919 petition signatures sent to Province on Local Elections Campaign Financing (Expense Limits) Amendment Act


Today, CityHallWatch sent the B.C. provincial government an additional 87 signatures supporting the “Get Big Money out of Civic Politics!” petition, bringing the cumulative total to 722, and a list of 43 signatories to an online version of this petition, bringing the online total to 197, and the cumulative grand total to 919.

Sign the Petition Online: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bc-civic-campaign-finance-reform/


As we have written elsewhere, November 27 is the deadline for public input on the Local Elections Campaign Financing (Expense Limits) Amendment Act. For information on how to provide feedback, click here:

There has been virtually no media coverage of this topic. We have noticed ONLY ONE article on the topic recently and the content is decent, but the headline is misleadingly positive (North Shore News). For Vancouver, the new legislation, if enacted, will be virtually useless in preventing the shockingly large amounts of corporate and union political donations in Vancouver civic elections. Politicians on the receiving end of the big donations give lip service to reforms, but their actions amount to zero.

Through communications with concerned individuals and civic groups we know that many people believe that large financial contributions have an excessive influence on civic governments and want the Provincial government to institute significant improvements in rules for the October 2018 civic elections.

The text of the petition is copied below. Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE), Green Party of Vancouver, and Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) endorsed the petition in 2013 and collected signatures, which were submitted at that time, and  CityHallWatch has continued to collect signatures since then.


What did people say about local election finance reform? Draft recommendations fall short. Nov 27 deadline for comments
(November 26, 2015)

“Get Big Money out of Civic Politics!”
Petition for Municipal Election Campaign Finance Reform. MAIN WEB PAGE: https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/petition/

$3 MILLION per municipal party election spending ‘limit’ (Vancouver) recommendation going to BC legislature. Huge gaps. Public comments until Nov 27 (Fri)



We, the undersigned residents and voters of Vancouver [of British Columbia, for province-wide version], petition the Government of British Columbia to help combat actual and potential conflicts of interest in civic governance by acting promptly to:

1. prohibit donations to municipal political parties or candidates from corporations and unions;
2. permit only Canadian citizens or permanent residents to contribute;
3. place appropriate limits on personal donations and require continuous and transparent disclosure of donations above a modest threshold;
4. place appropriate limits on campaign spending; and
5. establish clear and enforceable regulations to prevent funneling of donations through third parties or other circumventions of these reforms.

Sign the Petition Online: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bc-civic-campaign-finance-reform/


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