Langara Gardens Open Houses: Nov 26 (Thurs) & Dec 1 (Tues)

langara gardens cov study area
The City of Vancouver is organizing two Open Houses to reveal their plans for the future of Langara Gardens. The City’s invitation card mentions “tenant relocation”, “density”, “building types and heights”; this appears to clearly suggest that the redevelopment of all or parts of the site is being considered. The Open House events will be held at the following times:

Thursday, November 26, 2015: 6pm – 8pm (General Public), 621 W 57th Ave (Langara Gardens Social Lounge)
Thursday, November 26, 2015: 4pm – 6pm (Langara Residents Only), 621 W 57th Ave
Tuesday, December 1, 2015: 5pm – 8pm (General Public), 6706 Alberta (Langara Golf Course Clubhouse)

Langara gardensParticipants will be allowed to fill out feedback forms and to get more information about the City’s and developer’s plans for the site. There is no further information about the land use direction for the Policy Statement on the City’s website as of this writing, apart from the ambiguous panels shown at a previous April 2015 Open House. Updates on the planning process will be posted on the following link:

Vancouver has lost a significant number of affordable rental housing units to redevelopment. One such example is the rezoning of nearby Marine Gardens, also located on Cambie Street (noise impacts from construction have also been substantial). Further details on Marine Gardens can be found in the posts “Paradise (to be) Lost: Marine Gardens Townhouse Community” (Aug 7, 2015) and Marine Gardens: park to be rezoned as tower. The redevelopment of Heather Place and of 7350 Fraser Street also resulted in the net loss of affordable rental units. Will the plans for Langara Gardens also include the redevelopment of affordable housing units to make way for additional towers in the area? Stay tuned.
Langara Gardens Langara Gardens

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