The Boffo Tower: Shame and Embarrassment

zoning map venables Grandview

Jak's View of Vancouver v.3

I have in front of me as I type a new flyer put out by the consortium of Boffo Properties and the Kettle in their attempt to sell the neighbours on their proposal  for massive change on Commercial Drive between Venables and Adanac.

The first thought that comes to mind is that this postcard (for it is nothing more) is the developers’ latest attempt to avoid genuine face-to-face community involvement.  I guess when you have all that cash to throw around, the thought of actually meeting with real people seems somehow less attractive than letting your PR company and Canada Post take care of it.

The second thought is: where’s the tower?  The main item in the Kettleboffo proposal is a massive high-rise tower of at least 12 storeys and perhaps more.  But you wouldn’t ever know that from reading the postcard where the tower is never mentioned or alluded…

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